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He is currently employed as a system engineer for Ripple TV with responsibility for a nation wide advertising network.

In his spare time he serves as Chief Technology Officer for the SoCalWiFI.net project, runs a hacker space in the San Gabriel Valley and tries to save the local economy.

Friday, July 03, 2009

[Fwd: [Ripple-protocol] [Fwd: [Finanzsystem] hackathon money]]

ec30 keeps getting easier...

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Subject: [Ripple-protocol] [Fwd: [Finanzsystem] hackathon money]
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2009 00:11:02 +0200
From: Klaus Mueller <m@klml.de>
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To: Ripple concept and protocol development

Hi folks,


hackathon money

In 48 hours a group of hackers and creative minds will create free, open
source software that allows anyone to issue and exchange money - Digital
Bearer Certificates that are the basis for free, decentralized currencies
in virtual worlds, social networks and real life.

What can be your contribution? Your skills and talent are valuable! We
need enhusiasts in the fields of coding, security, administration,
identity design, web design, blogging, video editing, photography, writing

hackathon money_ is a wonderful opportunity to get together with great
minds, have fun, do what you love and create something meaningful - in
other words, a perfect weekend :)

Gastgeber: metalab / Andreas Pizsa
Beginn: Freitag, 24. Juli 2009 um 19:00
Ende: Sonntag, 26. Juli 2009 um 19:00
Ort: metalab
Straße: Rathausstraße 6
Stadt/Ort: Vienna, Austria

Metalab: http://metalab.at/


Klaus Mueller
Heßstraße 90
80797 München

+49 89 18 98 58 21
+49 178 54 38 400

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