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Monday, March 16, 2009

[Fwd: Bifrost 6.0 rc1 (Release Candidate 1)]

Download and pound on it folks!

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Subject: Bifrost 6.0 rc1 (Release Candidate 1)
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 14:56:32 +0100
From: Robert Olsson <Robert.Olsson@data.slu.se>
To: bifrost@slu.se
CC: Jens.Laas@ITS.UU.SE, Emil.Pedersen@ITS.UU.SE, Robert.Olsson@data.slu.se

Bifrost 6.0 (Bifrost Software Distribution)


Some of the news.

Many utilities are updated and many are built with ulibc. There are new
/bin64 and /bin32 and PATH should be set correct accordingly kernel.
Scripts are clean up.

Kernel 2.6.29-r2 with many patches configured for 64-bit NUNA arch. Tested
with Opteron and Intel Duo. So far only we only support 64-bit kernel.

Kernel has multiqueue support for routing/forwarding. The driver supporting
multiqueue is ixgbe (Intel 10g 82598 chip) niu (SUN neptune 10g and 1g
and the igb (Intel 82576 chip) drivers.

Automatic driver module loading via PCI probing. See /etc/eth-dectect.conf
(you can of course add needed tags). Modpobe follows eth-decect.conf order.

eth-affinity to setup IRQ affinity among multiqueue capable NIC's. Normally
run at start.

ifstat2 is improved and have defaults for 10g

zlile -- A new emacs like editor

Some emerging support for TCAM classifier support in the niu driver via
ethtool. (Note. A byte order bug for IP/Ports etc)

pktgen can be configured to use multiqueue NIC's.

An optional oprofile package can profile a running system at very little
Very useful for troubleshooting and network and performance understanding.

And bugs of course

Robert, Jens, Emil

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