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He is currently employed as a system engineer for Ripple TV with responsibility for a nation wide advertising network.

In his spare time he serves as Chief Technology Officer for the SoCalWiFI.net project, runs a hacker space in the San Gabriel Valley and tries to save the local economy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

[Fwd: BackType News]

Very cool....

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Subject: BackType News
Date: 16 Mar 2009 09:23:33 +0000
From: Christopher Golda <chris@backtype.com>
Reply-To: Christopher Golda <chris@backtype.com>
To: charles@thewybles.com

Hello Everyone,

It's been over two months since our last newsletter; we have lots of
great news to share!

BackType Connect

Recently, we announced a new feature called, BackType Connect. It
lets you see all the conversation surrounding a specific article or
post, whether it happens on blogs, Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, or any
other social media. Add our bookmarklet for one-click connect when
you're viewing a web page of interest.

Here's an example of BackType Connect in action:



While we were creating BackType Connect, we realized how incredibly
valuable all the tweets related to articles and posts that we were
surfacing really were. Over a million links are tweeted per day,
often obfuscated by URL shorteners with no way for bloggers and
other publishers to see who's talking about their content. BackType
Connect already shows tweets, but we thought it would be interesting
to use our Twitter support exclusively to create BackTweets. Simply
put, BackTweets lets you search for links on Twitter:


My Comments Wordpress Plugin

Wesley from ImprovingTheWeb.com created a Wordpress plugin that
allows you to display comments in a widget, as a paginated listing
(on a page), or as a daily/weekly digest post on your blog. The
plugin is also highly customizable both in function and appearance:


Extended Support

We have continued to extend our support for more blogs and other
social media. Here's a list of publishing platforms and non-blog
services that we currently support:

* Publishing Platforms: Blogger, LiveJournal, Movable Type, Posterous
(New), TypePad, Vox, Wordpress
* Comment Systems: Disqus, Intense Debate
* Aggregators: FriendFeed (New)
* Answers: Mahalo Answers, Yedda (New)
* Social News: Digg, Hacker News, Reddit
* Social Networks: Twitter (New)

Make sure you've claimed all your comments. If there's a service or
platform you'd like us to support, please submit it to:


Blogroll Widget

We added a widget that will display a blogroll based on your comment
activity. It shows the ten blogs you comment on most. We also offer
widgets to display your comments, your shared comments, and search
results. Check them out:



In January of this year, we closed a seed round of funding from
True Ventures. We're extremely fortunate to have a group of people
with such a deep understanding of the needs of an early-stage
start-up on board with us at BackType, supporting the vision and
direction of our company. With their investment, True Ventures join
Y Combinator who funded us back in June, 2008. This marks a
significant milestone for us; we'd like to thank you for helping us
get where we are today.

That's all for now. Please feel free to reply to this email with any
questions or feedback and I'll be sure to get back to you.


Christopher Golda
Founder, BackType



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