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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

[Fwd: [announce] Afrimesh Dashboard]

W00t! An open source mesh dash board!!! Very cool stuff.

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Subject: [announce] Afrimesh Dashboard
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 00:42:18 +0200
From: Antoine van Gelder <antoine@7degrees.co.za>
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Dear mesh networkers,

It is with great pleasure that I get to make the initial announcement
of the Afrimesh dashboard project!
The ability to easily create an IP network in rural areas, developing
countries and disaster zones can significantly contribute to the
ability of people to communicate with each other.

Afrimesh builds on top of the most excellent B.A.T.M.A.N. project to
provide a simple management dashboard which enables network operators
to create and sustain a resilient communications network with a
minimum of fuss.

For the first release we are working hard towards simplifying common
tasks such as managing clients, maintaining network maps, monitoring
the network and managing bandwidth.

A live demo, managing the Afrimesh development testbed, can be viewed

http://afrimesh.7degrees.co.za [1]

The current status of the software should still be considered pre-
alpha and it is only recommended that you check out the source code if
you are comfortable with a unix shell, know your way around a text
editor and are able to find and follow the badly written directions on
the wiki.

Binary packages are coming and will support the following environments:

* FreeBSD

* OpenWRT

* OpenWRT + R.O.B.I.N.

* Ubuntu

Future development direction will be largely determined by demand from
users but some ideas that have already come up include customer
billing management, telephony integration and support for building
social apps that connect mesh users with each other.

The source code is licensed under the New BSD License and is hosted at:


Finally, a very big thank you to each of Ajay, Chris, George & Kobus
from the Meraka Institute of the CSIR, Sebastian from wire.less.dk and
Steve from the Shuttleworth Foundation for the many contributions that
have made this project possible.

- antoine

[1] Yes, my routers have stickers on them. No, they are not at the
mapped locations but are in fact all on the same property. Yes,
transmitter power has been attenuated to a fraction of legally
permissible power output. No, you may not have my routers nor come
onto my property unless you have all of your paperwork in order!

"Libré software for human education."

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