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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Re: [WISPA] Electronic Signatures

The big carriers don't require a signature on a contract. They also
don't do (free/near free) installs either. I don't know if there is a
signed contract if you pay for an install.

Yes I realize this is a very important differentiator that we can
provide, however I don't feel a signed contract is necessary. An AUP is
an excellent idea as a general rule, however if they are transiting bits
on your network, you have the right and obligation to defend that
network. If you don't, you risk other operators dropping traffic from
your IP rnage /AS.

Your free to enforce your AUP with impunity. Failure to do so is the
sole reason that "bits of evil" reach our border routers. A few simple
route filters, and spam/botnets would be stopped. Subscribe to the Don't
Route Or Peer List from Spamhaus
(http://www.spamhaus.org/drop/index.lasso), and monitor outbound traffic.


Martha Huizenga wrote:
> Exactly, we send the contract with the install and then get it back when
> the install is done. Works fine.
> Jason Hensley wrote:
>> Wow. Seems like a waste of time and resources. If I mailed contracts like
>> that here I'd lose half my install opportunities because they would never
>> send the contract back. Send a contract with the installer, get them to
>> sign it before they install, give one copy to customer, bring one back, done
>> deal. If nothing else, get an electronic as an initial confirmation, then
>> get an actual signature at install.
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>> Subject: [WISPA] Electronic Signatures
>> We currently use a two-year contract for customers. Right now we gather
>> the information, generate a contract, USMail it to the customer and wait
>> for them to USMail it back after they sign it before we schedule an
>> installation. We would like to reduce the time from initial contact to
>> installation. One option we are looking at is "electronic signature" on
>> the contract. We have done some research into doing this, but thought it
>> would be good to get some other input.
>> If you do electronic signatures, how do you do it?
>> If you use a third party to "certify" the signatures, who do you use?
>> What is good about them? What is not so good?
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