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In his spare time he serves as Chief Technology Officer for the SoCalWiFI.net project, runs a hacker space in the San Gabriel Valley and tries to save the local economy.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Labbing it up....

In a previous post I talked about building out a hacker space/lab for folks to develop systems and network engineering skills. The initial goal is to build a small scale service provider network and then scale it out. The access portion of the network will be wireless (in support of socalwifi.net).

Here is what I currently have in the lab:

1) High powered white box system running Ubunt Linux (4 gigs of ram, dual core amd64 bit cpu 500gb disk). Currently running KVM with about 20 virtual machine instances.

2) Moderately powerful white box with 16 network ports (4 PCI cards with 4 slots each)

3) A cobalt raq4 with two network ports. Plan to use this along with the 16 port machine to test a Linux routing setup (quagga and xorp).

4) Couple random white box systems. I plan to use one for malware research, and the other as a generic Linux node that can be used for any number of application serving tasks.

5) Wireless kit:
Ubiquity Nanostation 2
WRT54GL v1.1
WRT54G v8
Model: wrt160n

6) Cisco kit:
cisco catalyst 5505
cisco catalyst 5002
cisco catalyst 2924 (x2)
linksys gigabit layer2 switch
cisco isr 1841
cisco 2600
cisco 4000

For more details on the setup/configuration of the kit please see my previous blog post on the subject.

7) Lots and lots of cisco documentation manauls/configuration guides/labs etc.

Is this a good setup? Is this useful to folks?

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