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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

[Fwd: [la-announce] Help Requested for Hollis Hawthorne]

A bit of political grand standing just can't be avoided it's seemed. The
mention of lack of health care... almost capitalizes on the dire condition.

Tut tut.

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From: patrick shearn <patrickshearn@gmail.com>
Subject: [la-announce] Help Requested for Hollis Hawthorne
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Help Requested for Hollis Hawthorne.

A good friend of our Los Angeles and SF burning man community and a
member of the DPW, Hollis Hawthorne, has been in a motorcycle accident
in India, and now is in a coma with a brain injury. She has recently
been moved from Pondicherry, to Chennai.

Like many Americans, she is without health insurance, and her friends
and family are working to get her the care she needs.

Stanford Medical Center in Northern California has agreed to accept her
as a patient free of charge, which is a huge relief to her family.

What we need now, is to get her transported on a stretcher from Chennai
India, to an airport in Northern California area, like San Franciso
Airport or Oakland.

In additional to Hollis, there are a number of other people that will
need to accompany her on the flight. We are estimating a medical team of
2-3 people as well as her mother, a family friend accompanying her
mother, and her boyfriend who actually kept her alive with CPR after the
accident and onto her trip into the original hospital. So including
Hollis on a stretcher, we are estimating needing travel for 6 to 7 people.

Current quotes for a medivac airflight range from $80,000-$150,000 which
her family simply cannot afford.

We are currently researching a number of options to get her back to the
states for the medical care she needs.

What we need from the burner community and it's resources.

1. A private or corporate jet and a pilot to transport Hollis, her
medical team and family from Chennai, India to SFO, Oakland, or San Jose

2. Paypal donations to help with the cost of the medivac. Any amount
would be helpful.

There is a blogspot with some additional information and a paypal link
here: http://friendsofhollis.blogspot.com/

Thank you for your help and support in this difficult time.

donnarose@thirdeyefilms.com <mailto:donnarose@thirdeyefilms.com>

Charles N Wyble charles@thewybles.com
(818)280-7059 http://charlesnw.blogspot.com
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