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Friday, March 06, 2009

[Fwd: bifrost workshop: Uppsala 18/3 2009 hosted by Borderlight]

I want to go to this. Anyone want to fund me?

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Subject: bifrost workshop: Uppsala 18/3 2009 hosted by Borderlight
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CC: Robert.Olsson@data.slu.se, sten.oscarsson@borderlight.net,
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We're planning for the workshop and have some preliminary sessions.

We've room some more sessions. Martin, Gunnar, Henrik, Patrik,
Johan and others feel free to contribute.

Bernt Sundström KTH Introduction to fiber optics

Björn Pehrson KTH A novel approach for cost-effective NREN's
and African infrastructure and fiber

Olof Hagsand/ IIS multiqueue project
Bengt Görden KTH
Robert Olsson UU/KTH

Jens Låås UU Hi-speed fairness. SFQ and multiQ etc

Andreas Wallin UU OpenWrt/Update

Robert Olsson UU/KTH Kernel/Hardware for hi-perf routing (bifrost)

Emil Pedersen UU iplogin2/netlogoncgi status

Sten Oscarsson Borderlight presentation/projects, IPTV demo etc
Tom Johans et al.

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