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He is currently employed as a system engineer for Ripple TV with responsibility for a nation wide advertising network.

In his spare time he serves as Chief Technology Officer for the SoCalWiFI.net project, runs a hacker space in the San Gabriel Valley and tries to save the local economy.

Friday, February 20, 2009

socalwifi.net first node update

So we have had a node deployed at Havannas Sandwich for a few months now. Here is a snapshot of it's usage:

havana1 00:22:b0:62:9e:ba 0 days 23:26:29 (Linux desktop we setup cyber cafe style)

iPod-2 00:22:41:88:54:f3 0 days 19:49:32
iPhone 00:1f:5b:44:bc:84 0 days 21:43:44
iPod-touch 00:22:41:84:e3:86 0 days 17:45:28
iPhone 00:23:32:f8:a9:fa 0 days 20:22:16
BLACKBERRY-5C91 00:24:9f:ac:03:f0 0 days 4:48:27
tay-s-touch 00:23:32:6a:b7:17 0 days 2:32:17

NintendoDS 00:21:47:6e:6e:0f 0 days 0:23:58

unknown 00:23:12:e6:82:ff 0 days 18:17:18
god-5e27c3d29b3 00:16:6f:47:f7:d3 0 days 23:46:51
D-Knock 00:23:df:30:5a:25 0 days 23:6:33
digi04 00:90:4b:4d:d4:8c 0 days 23:24:27

Cool stuff. Lots of mobile devices using the AP, in particular several Apple devices.

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