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Thursday, February 26, 2009

[Fwd: Hey Charles, ResumeBucket.com is now Live. Empower yourself]

Very cool.... hope it helps some of my readers.

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Subject: Hey Charles, ResumeBucket.com is now Live. Empower yourself
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 11:24:48 -0800
From: Josh Stomel <josh@neohire.com>
To: Charles Wyble <charles@thewybles.com>

Hey Charles, wanted to let you know that we have launched a startup;
Http://ResumeBucket.com/ <http://ResumeBucket.com/partners/maxhire>

Due to the economy, we decided to build a startup that would help
consumers put their resumes online, provide them the social tools to
share it, distribute it, track it, and manage multiple versions online;
Plus provide them a unique url like; http://resumebucket.com/
<http://resumebucket.com/partners/maxhire> Charles

We figured we would let this product be completely free and open for
anyone to use. Both consumers and employers to search resumes.

We even have the ability to search resumes & jobs all for free, check it
out; Http://search.resumebucket.com <http://search.resumebucket.com>

We are trying to encourage consumers to build an online brand, search
for like minded individuals, and colloborate.

Whether your looking for a job, or not, it's a great product to put your
resume / bio online, start building a personal brand for yourself and
potentially line up a pipeline for potential opportunites for you
(Consulting, Full time or more)

We launched the site Dec 14th of 2008, and have been seeing fantastic

Anyways, just wanted to share this with you Charles. If you have any
friends out there, or if you have twitter, please share this with your
network, as we are here to help people get jobs and grow.

NeoHire.com has some open positions as well, so, please let us know if
your looking for a job.

*Josh Stomel*
Josh@neohire.com <mailto:Josh@neohire.com>

Twitter: @resumebucket

www.resumebucket.com <http://www.resumebucket.com> & www.neohire.com

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